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Experience is the best doctor
The best and safest medicine is in everyday food
"5%  of the people think; 10% of the people think that they think; and the other  85% would rather die than think."----Thomas Edison
"The simplest solution is usually the best solution"---Albert Einstein

This book covers procedures for relieving back pain and similar pains using nutrition. The relief procedures are based on the author's personal experience during the past nine years. The main  ingredients are eggs, broccoli, tomato, and onion. For breakfast, one will prepare a fried egg-tomato-onion combination and a cup of an 8-minute boiled broccoli. The procedure used in the above preparation is critical to the pain relief as well as one's health. For lunch, one will prepare an appetizing soup using chicken, tomato, onion, baby carrots, celery and sardines in oil or in tomato sauce. For dinner, one will  boil some rice and also boil a cup of broccoli and eat this  with the 1/3 of the egg-tomato-onion combination left-over from the breakfast preparation.The main requirements are the ingredients, the preparation method, how many times a day the broccoli is eaten, and for how many days continuously it is eaten. It is important that after the pain relief, one continues with the diet; but reduces the frequency of the broccoliconsumption to once a day (or half a cup at breakfast and half a cup at dinner). Note that one is eating food and not taking medicine; and when it comes to food, one will continue to eat for the rest of one's life. The solution for the back pain problem is a needed diet and not medication. A nutritious breakfast with broccoli, a nutritious lunch, and a nutritious dinner with broccoli will alleviate the pains. The beauty in this remedy nutrition is that people are used to it, except the frequency, and perhaps, the food preparation requirements.

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